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New Track : Venus by Biometal/Spriggan
 Track Review :-
 You are on Venus so all is hot and steamy with lava at the bottom of every cliff edge. The lap is long
 and winding around Venus with narrow parts and wide parts and some that have strange affects on your car. There are
 volcanos  and strange alien life forms around so have a look around. The gfx are ok but there needs to be more here to take your
 mind off the long lap. The surface is mainly flat and smooth so only a couple of areas to watch out for.
Overall the track is too long but as it is mainly a fast drive with lots of turns the lap goes fast.

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  Track Name Authors Quick Review
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2nd Josh Scorpius City Area City Josh Scorpius Very similar to the track based on, The City4
3rd MKDD - Mushroom City DC.All Fast with long turns and multiple paths VG gfx.
4th Toys in the Space 1 Xarc LOng track with a numbetr of bugs.
5th Sky Warehouse 2 Sky69 Too long, too tricky minor bugs.
6th Burguers` Toy World minecrafter8857 Very narow in parts and very hard.
7th Toys in the Hood EX Xarc Fast and tricky track in the at night in the Hood !
8th Sky Warehouse 1 Sky69 Long and very hard. Learn well !
9th Another Generic Raceway Dave-o-rama Fast track more suited to faster custom cars.
10th Factory Wichilie Short fast and fun.
  Track Info    
Track Name Venus Timed Race Pic Below
Author Biometal/Spriggan Time Trial Pic 1:15.828 minutes
Length 1208m
Flow 77.98 %
Track Difficulty 2.86 %
Fast Lap Time 1:16.017 minutes
8 Lap Race Time 10:23.366 minutes
Archive Date 7-Mar-2018
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