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New Track : Toys in the Space 1 by Xarc
 Track Review :-
 This is a fast and flowing track with lots of turns and accelerated jumps to the next part of the track. This could be a good track, but it is let down by
 the bugs in the track where the curves end and you go into another part. These parts have a grey strip across the track and here is where your can
 may hit the bug. It looks like is about 25% of the time you hit the bug, but it will stop or spin your car. The other problem with this track is that the
 accelerated jumps sometimes send you off the track, so you have to repo.  You only have to be off a little to be put off the track, so a good lap can be
ruined by one of these. Also, it is very difficult to get a good lap with no spins or crashes as most of the time you land you spin or crash. Apart from the
issue the track is mostly well made and fun to race on with some fast turns. Overall a track that needs to be looked at again to remove the bugs.
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  Track Info    
Track Name Toys in the Space 1 Timed Race Pic Below
Author Xarc  
Length 1069m
Flow 93.43 %
Track Difficulty 8.67 %
Fast Lap Time 1:00.203 minutes
8 Lap Race Time 8:38.176 minutes
Archive Date 21-Apr-2018
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