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New Track : Neptune by Biometal, Spriggan, GO_AWAY
 Track Review :-
Race around a planet with strange gravitation forces and unexpected changes in track path. This track is mostly wide
but with a number of areas with slightly bumpy surfaces and a number of jumps to beware of. One of the areas it is very easy to
over correct and go off the edge in the depths of the planet. The lap is long but as the surface changes often the lap goes
past fairly fast. There are a number of strange objects/aliens around the track so take a look as some are not too visible when racing.
Overall a good track but spoilt by a big jump you can easily mess up on.

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10th Neptune Biometal, Spriggan, GO_AWAY Short fast and fun
  Track Info    
Track Name Neptune Timed Race Pic Below
Author Biometal, Spriggan, GO_AWAY Time Trial Pic 1:10.588 minutes
Length 1122m
Flow 78.74 %
Track Difficulty 1.85 %
Fast Lap Time 1.10.200 minutes
8 Lap Race Time 9:30.685 minutes
Archive Date 29-Jun-2018
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