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New Track : Josh Scorpius City Area Speedway B by Josh Scorpius
Track Review :- This is a very fast track with multiple opportunities to speed up. These speed ups can cause your car to do a long slide
if you decide to turn or if you hit the  tyre wall. So, you must aim your car carefully and go through all the speed ups or miss the last one
which may help. Because of these speed ups the flow for this track is over 100. The difficulty in this track is the extra speed and the turns
 after them so be prepared to brake hard and/or hit the tyre wall to turn/slow down. There is a short cut but as the entrance is after the
speed ups it is hard to do correctly so crashing is usually the only option. In the short cut there is a  speed before the end, so you could gain a
place or 2. The straights I think are too long without the speed ups with a normal speed car like Toyeca but if you use a fast car this track could be
 fun, and you could even race against a normal car as well. Overall a basic track with several speed ups that make the track tricky but fun.
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  Track Info    
Track Name Josh Scorpius City Area Speedway B Timed Race Pic Below
Author Josh Scorpius  
Length 780m
Flow 146.68 %
Track Difficulty 7.11 %
Fast Lap Time 0:32.249 minutes
8 Lap Race Time 4:34.049 minutes
Archive Date 12-July-2018
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Track Pic 13 16 Cars and Pickups