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New Track : Sky Warehouse 1 by Sky69
 Track Review :-
  This is one of the hardest tracks I have raced on and an ultimate challenge of your driving skills. This track has been made from
the warehouse kit so all the ramps etc will be familiar. The length of the track may initially put you off but this track is
mainly turns and ramps with a couple of straights. The 2 longish straights have speed ups on them so be careful especially on
the last one which can force you off easily. This track can be frustrating as I do not think I got a near perfect lap at all but I think
I got close. There are lots of turns and narrow gaps to drive through and these are hard to set up for as you get close to them.
Overall this track is very hard and not suitable for an inexperienced racer.
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  Track Name Authors Quick Review
Newest Santorini Alex_int  
2nd Rainbow Road 5 Ørlar Møllur Short and tricky to use the power up.
3rd Jupiter: Jovian Disaster Biometal/Spriggan & GO_AWAY Long and Jovian.
4th Josh Scorpius City Area City Josh Scorpius Very similar to the track based on, The City4
5th MKDD - Mushroom City DC.All Fast with long turns and multiple paths VG gfx.
6th Toys in the Space 1 Xarc LOng track with a numbetr of bugs.
7th Sky Warehouse 2 Sky69 Too long, too tricky minor bugs.
8th Burguers` Toy World minecrafter8857 Very narow in parts and very hard.
9th Toys in the Hood EX Xarc Fast and tricky track in the at night in the Hood !
10th Sky Warehouse 1 Sky69 Long and very hard. Learn well !
  Track Info    
Track Name Sky Warehouse 1 Timed Race Pic Below
Author Sky69 Time Trial Pic 1:25.667 minutes
Length 1068m
Flow 49.16 %
Track Difficulty 2.98 %
Fast Lap Time 1:26.056 minutes
8 Lap Race Time 11:46.403 minutes
Archive Date 28-Mar-2018
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