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New Track : Sky Warehouse 2 by Sky69
 Track Review :-
First, this track lap time is far too long at around 3 minutes. For even a 3-lap race it would be around 10 minutes which is too much. It is made
well but there are many turns which are too sharp and if you go a little too far you will not even see where to go. There are few straight
parts as nearly all of it is turns and bends. There are a few glitches between the wooden blocks which need to be fixed. One thing you need
to learn is to no go too fast near the end of a ramp and to watch the direction arrows carefully. After a few laps it get easier to race on,
but it just is not good to race on. There are too many point where you can hit a wall head on if you go a little too fast.
Overall this is far to long and has too many abrupt turns.
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  Track Info    
Track Name        Sky Warehouse 2 (Your Nightmare)              Timed Race Pic Below
Author Sky69  
Length 1634m
Flow 24.29  %
Track Difficulty 4.37 %
Fast Lap Time 2:53.687 minutes
8 Lap Race Time 24:02.614 minutes
Archive Date 12-Apr-2018
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