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New Track : Toys in the Hood EX by Xarc
 Track Review :-
 This is a fast and tricky track with different surfaces as you race around a neighbourhood at night in the rain. I have the music turn off normally
 but there are lots of back ground sounds which make the track much better. The track uses mostly the stock models from the Toys in the
 Hood tracks so there is little you have not seen before. But the track is well laid out and offers some alternate paths to drive. I am not
 sure if the last “shortcut” is faster but maybe worth learning. There are also a couple of basket balls around the track placed near the racing
 line so watch out. As there is grass and rain you will find a couple of gardens that have very slippy grass so careful there.
 Overall a very good track complemented by the sounds added.
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  Track Name Authors Quick Review
Newest Santorini Alex_int  
2nd Rainbow Road 5 Ørlar Møllur Short and tricky to use the power up.
3rd Jupiter: Jovian Disaster Biometal/Spriggan & GO_AWAY Long and Jovian.
4th Josh Scorpius City Area City Josh Scorpius Very similar to the track based on, The City4
5th MKDD - Mushroom City DC.All Fast with long turns and multiple paths VG gfx.
6th Toys in the Space 1 Xarc LOng track with a numbetr of bugs.
7th Sky Warehouse 2 Sky69 Too long, too tricky minor bugs.
8th Burguers` Toy World minecrafter8857 Very narow in parts and very hard.
9th Toys in the Hood EX Xarc Fast and tricky track in the at night in the Hood !
10th Sky Warehouse 1 Sky69 Long and very hard. Learn well !
  Track Info    
Track Name Toys in the Hood EX Timed Race Pic Below
Author Xarc Time Trial Pic 0:48.742 minutes
Length 761m
Flow 74.33 %
Track Difficulty 6.12 %
Fast Lap Time 0:49.255 minutes
8 Lap Race Time 6:55.132 minutes
Archive Date 3-Apr-2018
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