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Quick Download Page 24th August Website correction.
Thanks for the email Dave-o-rama for spotting the error. I had present Hunt listed as Dave-o-rama as the author but should of been Allan1. This has now been corrected. Thx again Dave-o-rama, I must of got a little trigger happy as the other 2 tracks updated that day were by Dave-o-rama. This error was on the main news page and the mobile last12 page. The info pages that list the stats for the extreme tracks were not effected.

23rd August The Dreamcast version of Rooftops, brought to us by Dave-o-rama

Rooftops 2011 by Dave-o-rama ( original author Santa Claus with the 2003 version by RST )   Download  Track Info

22nd August 3 New tracks by Dave-o-rama and Crescviper

Left Hand Path by Dave-o-rama  Download  Track Info

Pyron's realm by Dave-o-rama  Download  Track Info

Isola Verde by Crescviper
Download  Track Info

17th August 2011 - New Track CB Calisto Base by Allan1

CB Calisto Base by Allan1
    Track Info

12th August 2011 - New Track T.I.T.H 2 Flea Market

T.I.T.H 2 Flea Market by Allan1
Download   Track Info

9th August 2011 - 2 New Tracks Fukushima and West Volt

Fukushima by hilaire9  Download   Track Info

West Volt
by Allan1  Download

Website page updates. 8th August 2011------
I have finally done the youtube video for Backyard Bash 2.

Website page updates. 7th August 2011
I am changing the information on a few pages in the Extreme track Download section.
In have renamed the link to one page and changed the info in it.
The page ( Link Track Info ) tracks a to z has been modified to show the track list by track name and not by their zip name.
The info now is Track name, zip file size, length, fast lap time, time to complete an 8 lap race, and the flow in %
Currently I have got a number for flow for approx 230 tracks and have around 430 to go.
I have added a few pages designed to be viewed on a "smart phone". These pages have a much larger text size
and the pictures will be at least 256x256pixels. You can still view these pages in your normal browser as they are all html.

4th August 2011 : 2 New Tracks -

Present Hunt by by Allan1  (Battle Tag)  Download

Backyard Bash 2
by Dave-rama  Download

1st August 2011 : 3 New Tracks -

Desolate  by Dave-o-rama  Download

Canyon of the Wolves by Dave-o-rama  Download

T.I.T.H. Street Wars
by Allan1  Download

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