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This is a list of the track guides with a short review of the track.
Isola Verde : This track looks quite long but the time goes quick as you go around this track as you have little time to think. The visuals are good and there are no glitches or bad parts of the track that catch you out. It is laid out well with fast, slow and tricky parts which keeps the track interesting. The slippy area is one to be careful of as if you forget it will slow you down quickly. I did a time of 56.3 seconds but I only did this once in an 8 lap race with most being 58 and some longer. Overall a very good track and a definite keeper!!
Aurora Borealis :This is a tricky and often difficult tract to race on. Its small and short with a good lap tip time of 31 seconds. There are many small jumps some with a turn just after so don't turn before you leave the jump.  The visuals are good and watch out for the trees and branches. Be careful here to stay in the middle of the track as the wall are not flat and will  mess up your lap if you drive up them. 

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Canyon Run : This was one of the first tracks made with JimK's dirt kit and is a good track on the whole but later tracks have been made better with much fewer short cuts. This is a problem with this track as there are several and can speed up the lap time significantly. If you want to win here then you must learn these and do them all the time because I will. There are a number of small bumps which make your car jump up a little and can spin you out if you are not aware of them. I have tried  to show a few of these but you will learn to cope with them in time.
Chilled To The Bone : This track is either ice or snow so you will be sliding or you will be sliding soon. For a track that is either white grey or ice the visuals are good all around. The ice is the most slippy where it will be transparent ( see the start ) or to a little less slippy a frosted colour. 
Cygnus X1 : A short and fast track with few obstacles. Its mostly at top speed so keep your speed up to get a good time. 
Domestic Disturbance : This track is one of the reasons I have done track guides. It is difficult to learn as its just not too clear where to go. When you have learnt it you will appreciate it. It is a hard and unforgiving track with some very tight and narrow parts like Ye Olde Fun Shoppe with a start area that looks from my flow picture confusing. A good track, learn it first then race it hard.
Floating World : This track is very hard, in fact to get to know this track for this guide I changed my car to Dust Mite. Any car that goes any faster its almost impossible to race on this track. There are some areas where you just cannot see your car so if you crash its difficult to get out of trouble. The rock on the track are the main problem, just too many and they make the track nearly untraceable. But the graphics around the track are good and the full version install is worth checking out.
Fools Mate : This is a superb track too race on as there are no bumps to avoid at all whilst still being a challenge from beginning to end. As you can see the track is in monochrome as to reflect the chess idea for the track. The only part I still mess up on is on the other side of the bridge as you can spin quite easily.

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Fools Mate 2 (checkmate) : This is a hard track to get right and even harder to get a fast time on as there are many parts where its just luck you get it right and no other car hits you. The start is easy but the exit from it is narrow and precedes a very tricky part especially if you are racing a lot of other cars/ppl. There is also a replacement for some models too that add to the racing experience (if you can see them while racing. This track you must get as its a hard and fast track with excellent gfx.
Freestoyle 2 : A top speed track that is fast and flowing some tricky parts. Cool graphics too. There is an alternate way for a section of the track so do have a go. Its hard to do though.
Gangs In The Hood 1 : Based on Toys in The Hood 2 the layout to this track is nearly identical except for one area. But it still deserve a look at. This guide can be applied to the stock track except for the difference.
Grand Prix de Miami : A very short track that is very hard to get a good lap on. If you can do this track well all the time then most of the custom tracks will seem a little easier.

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Harbor Lights - There are many small bumps you just cannot see but will knock you off  your line if you hit them. This is a fast track but not too long (551m) with very few  slow parts  and some you need to take  below top speed. I like the parts where you  cannot see the  exit/tunnel but have to drive through plants etc. on the way to them. There are lots of  turns that are usually fast with few lon g straight parts. The visuals are good but not of the  Venice standard. This track is one of my favorite tracks so that should tell you its one  to get!
Heavy Traffic : This track has a very small race area with a few crossover points that will cause some crashes so be careful. I did an overview picture to show how to race it and how confusing it can be to a new racer. Learn this track well and watch out for the grass!! Overall a great track
Hokey Smoke : This is like Cloud nine a repaint of a stock track but with a few boxes to add to difficulty. Based on the Ghost Town 1 reverse with cartoon characters and a parrot ??, painted on all the walls. Nice conversion you gotta see it.
Hull Breach 3 : This time you are in USS Voyager. Its been damage and you race around the ship before the borg get you. A fast and fun track to race on.
Human Center : This is a hard track to master with some very tight and narrow parts. But they do not seem to make the track too difficult. Good graphics all round and a variety of surfaces make this track good all round. One of my favorites.
Ice Flower : This is based on the skate battle level but with so many additions you may not see the part that comes from it. This track takes skill to master as there are many areas of ice with non straight approaches to them. A mix of lego and extreme parts with a very cool train ( with my name on it , thx ) and some cool jumps.

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Images of Giza : This track is very hard to get right most of the time. A small mistake or even too large a correction or a little too much speed will end in a crash. If you look at the initial picture on the left you will see the supports on the sides of the track. These are the things you will hit if you go too wide. You must stay as much as you can on the center line of the track most of the time. The graphics are very good and I have to not get distracted by them as I race. Overall a good track so make some time to learn it thoroughly.
Isola Verde : This track looks quite long but the time goes quick as you go around this track as you have little time to think. The visuals are good and there are no glitches or bad parts of the track that catch you out. It is laid out well with fast, slow and tricky parts which keeps the track interesting. The slippy area is one to be careful of as if you forget it will slow you down quickly. I did a time of 56.3 seconds but I only did this once in an 8 lap race with most being 58 and some longer. Overall a very good track and a definite keeper!!
Jail House Rock by Human :- This is one of those tracks where you need to as fast as possible for as much as the lap as possible. This applies more to the turns and the sewer part as these are the places where you will loose time if you do not take care. If you go too slow in the sewer  you will loose seconds but if you go too fast you will crash or skid out down there. Its easy to slow down too much on the long turns but you must keep your speed up. The visuals are great with nothing that looks out of  place or added for effect. Overall, a fast and hard track  that is definitely a track to keep.
Little Canyon : A good Dirt Kit track with many small bump and jumps to keep you racing here. Most of the track is in the dirt but with a section that is smooth and fast to give you a little rest. Overall a good track and a keeper.

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Media-: Volt : This is a long track that is all flat with few hard turns. The visuals are ok but the areas around the track seem empty in comparison to other tracks. This is a high speed track with only one slow part. I wasn't impressed by the transparent floor in one area with the walls and ceiling being the same texture. Its hard to show you how to race it when you cannot see the floor or see where a particular corner is ( see picture 15 ). The jump near the end can be by-passed easily and is on the racing line so I don not think many drivers will take the jump if they have too.
Mario`s Warehouse : This is a short track but has lots to offer. It is fast and has many parts which are hard to do correctly. Not much to see around the track but you don't get much time to do some site seeing. I think this is a good track to practice on as you can never do the same lap time twice. My fastest time was 32.9 seconds and this was in a set of 10 laps which varied between 46+ seconds to low 34 seconds.
Metro-Volt This is a fast and tricky track. All of the track except for one place you will betaking at top speed. I like this track a lot as not just the driving is great but the track itself is laid out well with good graphics. Overall a very good track.
Museum 3 : This track has been made from the Museum1 and Museum 2 tracks in Re-Volt. It feels a lot shorter than Museum1 but I think its just as good. There are some tricky parts which will catch you out if you are not careful. Over all a great track that will keep you coming back for more.

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Museum 4 : This is a very hard and unforgiving track. You cannot wall rub on all the turns as there are obstacles and some you cannot get off before the obstacle. It is very easy to do a slow lap, i.e. over 1.05 mins and very easy to hit something or just go too fast into a tunnel, up a ramp or just into a set of turns. You need to learn this track well as you cannot go at full speed on some parts of it. There are parts you must control your speed very closely to just dfo the next turn well or just to keep on line.
Museum 9 : A track based on the museum battle level that has been significantly reworked and retextured. There is an additional grass part added to it with 3 or 4 crossovers. The high bridge are cool too with the planets rotating around it. This is/was one of our favorite tracks we raced on last xmas(2000) and still is a top fav of mine. Excellent.
N Hood Grimm : "A fairly dark track with a very fast layout. Has a few technical sections. Keep your eyes open because if you don't you will loose. I added as  many powerups as I could to make it fun in multiplayer. " (This text is from the track readme)

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PetroVolt : A stunning track that is great to race on and to look at. All the graphics are spot on, and detailed in every way. A hard track to master with a couple of short cuts to find as you learn it. You go from tarmac to shiny floor to wood surface into a workshop and into a loft and then onto grass. Like Quake and Venice an Excellent track in every way. Also try the reverse version as well.
Quake : This is one of my favourite tracks of all time. It is fast and flowing with only a few straights. The graphics are excellent and very in keeping with the theme. There are many graphics around the track that have taken time and effort to get right even though you may see them while racing. Overall a great track in every way.
Re-:Ville :- This is a difficult and challenging track that has a few short cuts and some very good visuals. If you can get good at this track and enjoy it then you will appreciate the effort gone into it. Overall a very good track.

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Rooftops : This tack is one of my favourites as its just about the right length, 45 seconds and has very good visuals and a tight and a little tricky racing line. Install the update for the lighting after you install the track. A top track, get it race it!! 
Re Volt Temple : This is a long track with great gfx all around that you must use TVTIME to have a good look at. The race flow is good with very few flat smooth parts and lots of turns and tricky parts. I could never master this track totally and only a few have. Overall a bit long but a great track. 
Sakura : This is a great track and one of my favorites. Its hard enough with lots of excellent graphics. Take a look at them because they must of took a lot of time to get right. 
Slot Car Madness : Unlike ReVollectriX this track has barriers all the way around. This makes it a lot easier because you can just wall rub instead of turning corners.

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Shakespeare Library : A fast and tricky track that is fun to drive on. The track seems hard at first, bit after a while you get to know the track quickly. The walls are not all flat so you cannot drive along them. The graphics are very good all the way round which makes this track fun to race on and admire. 
Technossis: Park : A while ago 2 battle tracks were released called Sk8 Battle and Sk8][.  They are battle tracks and to battle on them you need to replace  nhood1 with them. However Technosis Park is a race track made from the  objects from the battle tracks. It  has completely new textures and graffiti on  some of the jump. Watch out for the edges of the  curved walls as you  approach them and the half pipes too need to be taken carefully. On some parts you will be repositioned if you go too wide but you should take them close any way.
The Felling Yard Extreme : This track feels like a very long track. I thought just after I had done 14 laps that the length was around 1000m. But its 787m. Its just very tricky at nearly every part. The green parts are slippy and bumpy so when you are driving at speed its very to turn slightly and over steer. I have adjusted the pictures for this guide as they were too dark to make out.
The Monastry : This is a long track with no tricky parts at all. All you have to do is make small constant adjustments to keep on track.

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Toys in The Hood 3 : This track is a conversion of the battle tag level in RV with a few minor additions but it is mostly the same. The main difficulties are the grass and the uneven ground in the pipe section.  It is hard at first to do it right but worth while.
Toyland Grand Prix : One of his best this is a short track (25 secs) but is hard and tricky with some cool effects. Its been made from parts from the stock tracks and the menu area from in the game. A good fun and fast track with a power up near the end. Top Track.

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Venice : Get in your car and hold on tight for a fast, tricky and winding race with many hard turns and walls you have to stay away from. This is a very detailed track to look at in every place. The effort that has gone into the gfx alone makes this one of the great Re-Volt custom tracks. Excellent Track to race on as well
Ye Older Fun Shoppe : This is a hard and unforgiving track that will make you pay every mistake you will make. I put a time of 1:05 up for this track but if you think you are good then try to get 4 laps in a row under 1:02.
Yabba Dabba Doo : This is a hard track to race on as there are many small bumps that are just not visible most of the time. The overall look of the track is great as many of The Flintstones fans will say.

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