Old XTG Websites and News pages
Here are links to versions of this website and other websites that I produced for you all, some you may know one or 2 you may have forgotten.
Also I have a number of links to the Way Back Machine as well for versions I have no backup for.
These versions of XTG and others do not contain any zip files.
No Car No Track No other files.
Any Ntlworld email addresses do not work any more
Also here is a link to the old Pics section Old Pics  Racing  Reverse  Ladder

Old New Pages
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Old XTG Links
Date (approx) Link XTG or other Comments
2001-7-20 Goto XTG This looks like one of the first real websites that
was useful.
2001-7-23 Goto   A very basic website, may of been on Geocities.
2001-7-23 Goto   Another one that could of been on Geocities.
I think because there was a very tight limit on
the amount of webspace.
2007-7-28 Goto   This is a haly way between the grey pages and
the white pages. No logo there.
2001-8-17 Goto Stock Track Guide I never go around to finishing this but the videos on
youtube have superseded these pages.
2008-8-28 Goto Lego Extreme Track Guide One of my first attempts to get the lego tracks up
on one of my own websites.
2001-8-29 Goto   A website just set up to download a few tracks.
Most likely was on Geocities.
2001-9-2 Goto   Look I changed the font colour to red !!
2001-10-27 Goto   Getting better and there is the beginnings of the
2001-12-9 Goto   Ladders are running with the date being in 2003.
2002-3-3 Goto   A bit more fancy but no logo.
2002-4-27 Goto   One of the last complete backups.
2007-8-4 Goto    
2011-9-24 Goto   I`m back baby !
Way Back Machine      
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2001-12-04 Goto    
2001-12-22 Goto    
2002-01-25 Goto    
2002-04-02 Goto    
2002-04-02 Goto   end  of 0Ctach Usage
2003-02-04 Goto    
2003-05-08 Goto    
2003-07-19 Goto    
2003-08-18 Goto    
2004-06-12 Goto    
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