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New Track : Skiing Paradise by ducsekbence
 Track Review :-
 This is basically 2 ski jumps made for RV with an extended section to return you to the start. There is a cable car as well to get you back, but this is
 a few seconds slower than going around the mountain ledge. The cable car route is shorter but slower and you can land upside down when you leave
 the cable car. The first half up to the cable car is all ice so you need to get your breaking done in good time and then turn/slide around the corners.
 There are now barriers on most of the track so you will be dropping down the side a few times. The gfx around the track is basic but the fun here is
 the sliding. Of the 2 ski jumps I always took the left main jump as the other you need to do a turn in a small area to do the jump and you must get
 the landing right. The left side is the easier and likely faster.Overall a fun track that takes a while to learn well.
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  Track Info    
Track Name Skiing Paradise Timed Race Pic Below
Authors ducsekbence Time Trial Pic 1:15.072 minutes
Length 896m
Flow 43.95 %
Track Difficulty 4.08 %
Fast Lap Time 1:16.050 minutes
8 Lap Race Time 10:30.144 minutes
Archive Date 31-Jan-2020
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