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New Track : POD: Galleria by mrroblinx
 Track Review :-
 Yet another conversion of a POD track. This track is one of the better ones as it’s not too long and there is only one part that is a bit tricky
 to get right. This short cut will save you a lot of time so learn it well. The track surface in several areas is a bit bumpy but not too bad so
 you can still drive o fast. There are a few places where you need avoid going too wide on a corner as there will be a wall facing you go too
 wide. The gfx all over the track are good with lots of changing signs around the track. There are 3 different paths to take in one area
 so choose wisely! Overall a good fast and tricky track.

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  Track Info    
Track Name POD: Galleria Timed Race Pic Below
Authors mrroblinx Time Trial Pic 0:44.765 minutes
Length 616m
Flow 60.97 %
Track Difficulty 6.41 %
Fast Lap Time 0:44.521 minutes
8 Lap Race Time 6:16.130 minutes
Archive Date 28-Feb-2020
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