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New Track : Skatepark F20 by Alex_int
 Track Review :-
 This is a race around a skate park just like in the pics that are scattered around the track. The turns are a little hard to learn and get right as they curve
upwards It is very short and fast so learn how to take the turns as you will lose all your time here is you mess up. The track is well made but as its based
on a concrete skate park there is little around the track to look at, but you will not have time to look at it. Overall this is a good track but short.

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  Track Name Authors Quick Review
Newest Rooftops 1 GJ, MarvTheM, I Spy
& Acclaim\Probe
Similar to Fidderls but harder
2nd Route-77 javildesign A tricky track and watch the edges of the road.
3rd Touge Mountain Saffron Lots of sharpe turns and very long!
4th Touge Mountain - Stage 1 Saffron Lots of sharpe turns and long!
5th Touge Mountain - Stage 2 Saffron Lots of sharpe turns and long!
6th BLURSED LAND OF TOMATOES Tryxn & Alex_int Same as bonezone but with tomatoes
7th Destructed City (2019) kallelay Smaller version of the original with extra areas
8th Fragments Kallelay Try it. extremely tricky.
9th Skatepark F20 Alex_int Short and fast race in a skate park
10th bonezone Alex_int A good track but hard on the eyes !
  Track Info    
Track Name Skatepark F20 Timed Race Pic Below
Author Alex_int Time Trial Pic 0:16.211 minutes
Length 199m
Flow 48.34 %
Track Difficulty 6.15 %
Fast Lap Time 0:16.163 minutes
8 Lap Race Time 2:16.263 minutes
Archive Date 26-Aug-2019
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