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New Track : Rooftops 1 by GJ, MarvTheM, I Spy & Acclaim\Probe
 Track Review :-
 This track is based on the original layout for Rooftops. It got dropped from the release of ReVolt but the Rooftops version was put into the Dreamcast
 version. This is very similar to Fiddlers on the Roof which was based on the original layout. The reverse path is different from the normal path and a little
 bump are required to knock off the grill at the end of the vent shaft. This is harder than Fiddlers as the drop down to the raised walkway has a strong wind
 from the left! You need to drive very slowly to avoid this. The other way is longer but easier as you must go to the farthest point on the track and then up
 a slope and down again. On the rooves after the water there are high pressure air which will blast you to the left and right. I go under the water leaking from
 above and to the left of the vents. The gfx all over the track is good and well-made but is not as dirty as Fiddlers but there are no far skyscrapers in the
 distance. Overall a harder track but still good to race on and several tricky parts to learn.

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  Track Name Authors Quick Review
Newest Rooftops 1 GJ, MarvTheM, I Spy
& Acclaim\Probe
Similar to Fidderls but harder
2nd Route-77 javildesign A tricky track and watch the edges of the road.
3rd Touge Mountain Saffron Lots of sharpe turns and very long!
4th Touge Mountain - Stage 1 Saffron Lots of sharpe turns and long!
5th Touge Mountain - Stage 2 Saffron Lots of sharpe turns and long!
6th BLURSED LAND OF TOMATOES Tryxn & Alex_int Same as bonezone but with tomatoes
7th Destructed City (2019) kallelay Smaller version of the original with extra areas
8th Fragments Kallelay Try it. extremely tricky.
9th Skatepark F20 Alex_int Short and fast race in a skate park
10th bonezone Alex_int A good track but hard on the eyes !
  Track Info    
Track Name Rooftops 1 Timed Race Pic Below
Author   GJ, MarvTheM, I Spy  & Acclaim \Probe
Length 676m
Flow 55.29 %
Track Difficulty 9.29 %
Fast Lap Time 0:51.403 minutes
8 Lap Race Time 7:24.665 minutes
Archive Date 15-Sept-2019
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