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New Track : POD: Megapol by mrroblinx
 Track Review :-
 This track feels very long and does take a few races to learn well. The whole track has similar gfx and some parts have also similar layout. This
 makes the track hard to learn so be patient and drive around a few times to get the feel of the track and use the TVTIME cheat to see how the
 track is laid out. I think some of the direction arrows need to change a bit quicker as in a couple of parts I found that it was very easy to go the
 wrong way. This make it more challenging so learn this track well. There are a few parts which are slippy so be careful. The gfx is good all over
 the track but its just the same texture every where so can get a little Samey.
 Overall a good hard track that takes time to learn well. It is long but it goes fast.
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  Track Name Authors Quick Review
Newest POD: Skyrace mrroblinx Long and fast
2nd The Thunderdrome Mace121 Short fast track in a velodrome
3rd Destructed City x1.2 (2019) kallelay and ayumu Very tricky and easy to crash.
4th Nemanja's Ghost Town Nemanja54 Very short and very fast.
5th R2049 Road Kill Dyspro50 Fast track.
6th Frozen Caverns Alex_int and Saffron  Long and cold.
7th POD: Azthec mrroblinx Converted Pod track
8th POD: Roc mrroblinx Converted Pod track
9th R2049 Plaza Dyspro50 Fast and fun.
10th POD: Megapol mrroblinx Similar to Fidderls but harder
  Track Info    
Track Name POD: Megapol Timed Race Pic Below
Authors mrroblinx Time Trial Pic 1:18.268 minutes
Length 945m
Flow 45.86 %
Track Difficulty 3.70 %
Fast Lap Time 1:18.670 minutes
8 Lap Race Time 10:49.745 minutes
Archive Date 21-Dec-2019
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