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New Track : Autumn Leavesway by Alex_int and SpyKid
 Track Review :-
 It`s autumn and you can see all that all the leaves on the trees have turned from green to gold and brown. This is a fast track with
lots of turn and jumps. It’s like a dirt kit track but does not have its jumps. The one thing it does share is the quantity of shortcuts
some obvious and some not so. I think that this makes this track less good and serve only to see how many you know. I stuck to the
light-coloured track for the timed race and the time trial, but you can see in the pickup race that I got a much better time very easily.
I think that this track needs to be re-edited, so you must stick to the obvious track limits. Overall a good fast track and decent gfx

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10th Autumn Leavesway Alex_int and SpyKid Everything ios goldern here! Lots of shortcuts
  Track Info    
Track Name Autumn Leavesway Timed Race Pic Below
Author Alex_int and SpyKid Time Trial Pic 0:41.711 minutes
Length 566m
Flow 58.94 %
Track Difficulty 2.81 %
Fast Lap Time 0:41.645 minutes
8 Lap Race Time 5:41.342 minutes
Archive Date 24-July-2019
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