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New Track : Spa Volt 2 by Kiwi
 Track Review :- This is a modified version of the first track with several additional areas added. It is set during the day(sunset) so you can see more of
 the track. The start  is a bit different than normal as the start area you will not race on after the start of the race but it’s a good idea that gives you a
 faster start. This give another strange benefit as your start lap may be your fastest! What has happened in the Spa is a storm has passed through
 which has felled a couple of trees and broken a few objects. The pools have been drained so you can drive through it but there is still some standing
 water left. As the pool is drain there are now 2 routes to the other side. After the outside pool area, the inside pool has 3 different ways around the end of
 it. Also, near the end there are multiple ways to finish the lap with one going through an air duct with a duck (star) just after the end of it. Although
 this track is based on  the first mostly it still feels like a different track. All over the track the objects and surfaces are well made, and a lot of thought
 has been put into every object to make this track like its first version an excellent track.
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  Track Name Authors Quick Review
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2nd Tricky Racers 1 Sky69 & WaskeR Very Long with slippy surface
3rd 1st Museum WaskeR &, Acclaim A decent Musum track mostly Museum 1 in revrse.
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7th Spa Volt 2 Kiwi Anothr version and still VG
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9th Nürpius Josh Scorpius Longer version of THe GP track that is harder.
10th Sky Track H Josh Scorpius Short and fast lots of fun.
  Track Info    
Track Name Spa-Volt 2 Timed Race Pic Below
Author Kiwi Time Trial Pic 0:40.513 minutes
Length 515m
Flow 50.40 %
Track Difficulty 16.88 %
Fast Lap Time 0:41.002 minutes
8 Lap Race Time 6:16.464 minutes
Archive Date 23-Dec-2018
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