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New Track : Snowland 1 by Xarc
 Track Review :-
 Another winter track for the collection! This a race mostly on snow with a few ice patches around the track. These ice patches are best avoided
 like in the cave but the last one you can drive over it but do not turn again until you are off the ice. You can go one of three ways in the bridge
 section, but I go on the right and not over the bridges. There is another way around the last part and like the ice if you turn the other way after
 you start turning you will spin and go down into the lower area at the end.  Overall the track is mostly fast and if you learn it well it’s a good
 challenge and not too difficult.

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  Track Info    
Track Name Snowland 1 Timed Race Pic Below
Author Xarc Time Trial Pic 0:38.950 minutes
Length 565m
Flow 65.69 %
Track Difficulty 2.84 %
Fast Lap Time 0:39.219 minutes
8 Lap Race Time 5:21.547 minutes
Archive Date 25-Dec-2018
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