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New Track : Rainbow Road 6 by Ørlar Møllur
 Track Review :- Updated
This is a fast and flowing track, but it is too easy to race on. There are no major obstacles and there are
only 2 narrow parts which are close together. The surface is all flat with a nice colour scheme and only some
small picket type fences around the track. In a lot of the track there are no fences so if you get a battery
you could go off the edge. There is a power up on the home straight so you need to go much wider on the approach
to the previous turn and cut the next close and stop tuirning just before the power up. If you take the corners
normally then you will miss it easily. Overall a fast and flowing track that is easy to get a fast time.
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  Track Name Authors Quick Review
Newest Rainbow Road 6 Ørlar Møllur Lots of colours and very fast.
2nd Chocolate National Park Ørlar Møllur Fast with a short cut
3rd Green Park Josh Scorpius Short fast and curvy
4th Green Park (Wet) Josh Scorpius Short fast and curvy with rain
5th Little Track Josh Scorpius Short fast and fun
6th Little Track 2 Josh Scorpius Better than the first and a good challenge
7th Venus: Utopia Biometal/Spriggan Long and fast, lots of turns.
8th bananaland Alex_int Very short, use slower cars.
9th Maze Circuit (Wet) Josh Scorpius Fast with  lots of paths to follow.
10th Maze Circuit Josh Scorpius Fast with  lots of paths to follow.
  Track Info    
Track Name Rainbow Road 6 Timed Race Pic Below
Author Ørlar Møllur  
Length 477m
Flow 106.17 %
Track Difficulty 9.83 %
Fast Lap Time 00:24.721 minutes
8 Lap Race Time 03:34.773 minutes
Archive Date 4-Aug-2018
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Track Pic   16 Cars and Pickups