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New Track : bananaland by Alex_int
 Track Review :-
 This track is very short and very narrow in most parts. It is a race through a square tunnel that is a textured green, so
 it is very hard to see the next corner. You need to memorise the track well to get a decent time. I did the times on this
 track with Dust Mite as Toyeka was just too fast for this track in every part. But the problem with the slow accelerating
 cars is that some of them have much less grip. All the turns are 90 degrees, so it is like racing on a lego track made mostly of
square corners. If this track was wider and had longer straights between corners then it maybe a decent track but as
 far as I can see use the slower cars. I used Adeon (17.696) and Dust Mite.
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8th bananaland Alex_int Very short, use slower cars.
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10th Maze Circuit Josh Scorpius Fast with  lots of paths to follow.
  Track Info    
Track Name bananaland Timed Race Pic Below
Author Alex_int  
Length 95m
Flow -11.55  %
Track Difficulty 15.39 %
Fast Lap Time 0:19.047 minutes
8 Lap Race Time 2:49.772 minutes
Archive Date 23-Jul-2018
Track Pics Youtube Videos
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Track Pic   16 Cars and No Pickups
    Time Trial Lap