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New Track : POD: Parking by mrroblinx
 Track Review :-
 There is more of a them to this track as you race around a car park that is underground. This is a more confined track than Lake as you have lots of
 hard turns and several obstacles that are directly in your way. The old cars scattered around the track are a big problem and you must either avoid
 them or just hit them and hope they are not on the racing line on the next lap. There are several shortcuts so have a look and see if they are better.
 The jump into the pipe I found was a bit tricky as you need to nearly stop and then drive off the edge and into the opposite pipe. If you get it wrong,
 you lose lots of time. Overall a fun track and a lot harder than Lake but can be a bit frustrating. Overall a tricky track but may be one to learn well to
 get a good experience.
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  Track Name Authors Quick Review
Newest Forbidden Area 1 kallelay Very hard, gfx VG !
2nd Brands Hatch Indy Mladen007 Fast and flowing, accurate as well.
3rd MiniGame: FroggerVolt Easy Kallelay Point to point track, easy.
4th MiniGame: FroggerVolt Hard Kallelay Point to point track, too hard.
5th Autumn Castle ThePotatoHead
mrroblinx CapitaineSZM
A point to pint track based on a Spiro level
6th Library CapitaineSZM Don`t read the books just race !
7th POD: Parking mrroblinx A tight and tricky track.
8th Skating Toys Redux zorbah Much improved version of Skating Park
9th The Reactor javildesign VG gfx and fast racing
10th POD: Lake mrroblinx Another POD track!
  Track Info    
Track Name POD: Parking Timed Race Pic Below
Author mrroblinx Time Trial Pic 0:31.270 minutes
Length 321m
Flow 23.20 %
Track Difficulty 28.27 %
Fast Lap Time 0:34.608 minutes
8 Lap Race Time 5:45.339 minutes
Archive Date 5-Aug-2020
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