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New Track : MiniGame: FroggerVolt Easy by Kallelay
 Track Review :-
 This is a frogger version for ReVolt. There are several platforms that move from side to side that are floating on water. Falling into the water will
 repo you to the start or to the central islands. The platforms are square and are moving a so you need learn how to move from one to another.
 They will slow to a stop after a period which is the easiest time to move between them. Its a good idea to look from above to see the pattern the
 platforms move in as the last 3 will stop in line for a few seconds. Unfortunately, you can complete the race easily as a bug exists. If you drive
 off the first grass area you will eventually get repro’d back to the start area and finish the race. Overall a good idea but is frustrating and difficult
 with other cars on the track.
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  Track Name Authors Quick Review
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9th MiniGame: FroggerVolt Easy Kallelay Point to point track, easy.
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  Track Info    
Track Name MiniGame: FroggerVolt Easy Timed Race Pic Below
Authors Kallelay Time Trial Pic 0:30.679 minutes
Length 59m
Flow  %
Track Difficulty  %
Fast Lap Time  minutes
8 Lap Race Time  minutes
Archive Date 11-Aug-2020
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