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New Track : Passo dello Scasso (KKC 2013 Edition) 
The Scassatore & FBV-86
 Track Review :-
 English name is I think is "Entering the Passage"  This track has a numbe of shortcuts which can be easily taken advantage of and so make this track
 look like a beta.  There are at least 5 shortcuts and you can start from a diferent place and still not get X`ed.  Some parts of the track will through up
 your car as the track is not smooth in those places which can be very frustrating. The narrow part has a very narrow path wide only enough for one car
 with a gutter that will trap your car and so your will need to repo. Overall a decent track spoilt by the lack of more tightly defined path.
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  Track Name Authors Quick Review
Newest Padiglione A FBV-86 This is for flying "cars" only.
2nd Kadish Sprint Dyspro50 Excelent gfx and track layout !
3rd Spring-Mountain Rally Bak95 A number of bugs can make this track frustrating.
4th Black&White Teleportation GO_AWAY Very black and white !!
5th Donut Plains 3 DC.All Fast and tricky track, with lots of turns.
6th Toy World Mayhem Killer Wheels Very good and fun track.
7th Grass Off-Road billy92 Decent track let down by shortcuts and track zones.
8th RV-Simo On-Road Track The Scassatore Lots of turns and easy to lose time, VG !
9th Mid-sea Island DC.all Good Fast track. Shortcuts !
10th Passo dello Scasso The Scassatore & FBV-86 Too many shortcuts !
  Track Info    
Track Name Passo dello Scasso Timed Race Pic Below
Author The Scassatore & FBV-86 Time Trial Pic 0:27.973 minutes
Length 460m
Flow 63.35 %
Track Difficulty 11.30 %
Fast Lap Time 0:32.569 minutes
8 Lap Race Time 4:46.310 minutes
Archive Date 26-Apr-2013
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