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New Track : TGO - Frigid Peaks by Mace121
 Track Review :-
 This is a race around a lake and dam and through a mountain. You race around and in the mountain with a few different routes to follow. There are
 several shortcuts with one of these being across the top of the dam, but you must avoid the barriers or just bash them out of the way. Around the
 track are lumps of ice stuck to the track with warning barriers scattered around as well so best to avoid if you can. I only learnt one route for the
 times as there are a few options to choose from. These make racing much more interesting. Some of the entrances are a bit tricky to get right at
 speed but you may get a faster time though. The gfx around and in the mountain are good so have a look around. Overall a good track a bit let
 down by the many obstacles and varying routes.
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  Track Name Authors Quick Review
Newest Wildland javildesign Very detailed and great to race on. 
2nd BasketBall Jam RafSTer Short and watch those track zones.
3rd Rockarock Valley Tryxn Tricky with a couple of bugs
4th Autumn Ring Saffron Smoth and fast, careful at the apexes!
5th Autumn Ring Mini Saffron Smoth and fast, careful at the apexes!
6th Sky Fort Capitaine SZM Good racing
7th TGO - Frigid Peaks Mace121 Fast with many alternate paths
8th Virsli Factory Tryxn Watch out for the paint !
9th Super Speedway Saffron GT2 Oval - Fast
10th Smashride Circuit Alex_int A fast and fun track.
  Track Info    
Track Name TGO - Frigid Peaks Timed Race Pic Below
Author Mace121 Time Trial Pic 0:33.039 minutes
Length 370m
Flow 36.52 %
Track Difficulty 13.33 %
Fast Lap Time 0:33.993 minutes
8 Lap Race Time 5:03.672 minutes
Archive Date 26-Apr-2020
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