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New Track : Dnipro Kart 2 by tntzoom
 Track Review :-
 Changes from first release and the non full second version.All pics and videos are done with the full version installed.
I turned off the Shiny feature in the graphics setting which prevents some objects from going white.
The full version contains better gfx for the tracks and grass. The racing area has been modified so you cannot got far off track.
The grass looks great and the track is better. As you cannot go too far off track it is much better to race against other people now.

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  Track Name Authors Quick Review
Newest Pipe Tripe Gotolei and Saffron Fast,slow - and bidirectional !
2nd Pipe Tripe (Online Edition) Gotolei and Saffron Fast,slow - and bidirectional !
3rd Pumpkin Road 2 Josh Scorpius Not as good as the first but still fast and fun
4th Pumpkin Road Josh Scorpius I think the best of the seven.
5th Orange Little Space 2 Josh Scorpius Very small track !
6th Orange Little Space Josh Scorpius Very small track !
7th JSCA Mountain Pikes Josh Scorpius Too short and too easy - race here for fun and pickups!
8th JSCA Outrun Route 1 Josh Scorpius Easy and fast track.
9th JSCA Circuit Josh Scorpius Long and fast - use a fast car !
10th Dnipro Kart 2 tntzoom Install the full version for better gfx
  Track Info    
Track Name Dnipro Kart 2 Timed Race Pic Below
Author tntzoom Time Trial Pic 1:00.594 minutes
Length 1107m
Flow 97.82 %
Track Difficulty 0.83 %
Fast Lap Time 1:00.537 minutes
8 Lap Race Time 8:07.816 minutes
Archive Date 15-Mar-2019
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