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New Track : JSCA Circuit by Josh Scorpius
 Track Review :-
 You race between the hills here on a wide and flat track with a good amount of turns but has several long straights.
Good for faster cars and with the Pro stock ones good if you have a lot of opponents. Overall use a fast car and so have more fun quicker.

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  Track Name Authors Quick Review
Newest Pipe Tripe Gotolei and Saffron Fast,slow - and bidirectional !
2nd Pipe Tripe (Online Edition) Gotolei and Saffron Fast,slow - and bidirectional !
3rd Pumpkin Road 2 Josh Scorpius Not as good as the first but still fast and fun
4th Pumpkin Road Josh Scorpius I think the best of the seven.
5th Orange Little Space 2 Josh Scorpius Very small track !
6th Orange Little Space Josh Scorpius Very small track !
7th JSCA Mountain Pikes Josh Scorpius Too short and too easy - race here for fun and pickups!
8th JSCA Outrun Route 1 Josh Scorpius Easy and fast track.
9th JSCA Circuit Josh Scorpius Long and fast - use a fast car !
10th Dnipro Kart 2 tntzoom Install the full version for better gfx
  Track Info    
Track Name JSCA Circuit Timed Race Pic Below
Author Josh Scorpius Time Trial Pic 1:11.474minutes
Length 1309m
Flow 98.58 %
Track Difficulty 0.57 %
Fast Lap Time 1:11.226 minutes
8 Lap Race Time 9:32.665 minutes
Archive Date 2-Mar-2019
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