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New Track : Dirt Madness by Sky69
 Track Review :-
  This feels like a very long track as there are few jumps and turns are very long. It’s a fast track with only a couple of slow parts. Some of the jumps
 are just before turns so you need to drive up the ramp diagonally and turn just after you land. The track itself is not connected
 to the base layer so there is no option but to repo if you go off track. It is easy to lose time going over the mountain in the middle of the track
 a and even easier to go to far to the right and miss the start of the next part of the track. Overall an ok track with little gfx around it.

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10th Toys in the hood 4 MirkoGT97 Good except for the entry to the tunnel.
  Track Info    
Track Name Dirt Madness Timed Race Pic Below
Author Sky69 Time Trial Pic 0:42.423 minutes
Length 635m  
Flow 68.77 %
Track Difficulty 6.53 %
Fast Lap Time 0:42.968 minutes
8 Lap Race Time 6:03.399 minutes
Archive Date 15/12/2017
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