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New Track : RC Stadium 1 by Xarc
 Track Review :-
A short and fast track. Surface is smooth but watch out for the edges of the barriers as you may turn a little too much.
Graphics are fine with a blimp overhead. Overall a good short oval track.

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  Track Name Authors Quick Review
Newest Venus Biometal/Spriggan Long and red.
2nd Factory Wichilie Short fast and fun.
3rd Eichenwald Village Alex_int Similar in style to Holiday Camp but shorter
4th RC Stadium 2 Xarc Very bumpy so watch out
5th Toy World Ex Xarc A very good Toy World style track
6th Pluto Biometal, Spriggan, GO_AWAY Too long, too bumpy and confusing.
7th Synthwave Alex_int Fast and smoother track.
8th Up Above Alexander Good track apart from the viewpoint when racing.
9th Foris Pax progwolff Long fast and bumpy !
10th RC Stadium 1 Xarc Short Oval and fast
  Track Info    
Track Name RC Stadium 1 Timed Race Pic Below
Author Xarc  
Length 331m
Flow 120.57 %
Track Difficulty 2.34 %
Fast Lap Time 0:15.736 minutes
8 Lap Race Time 2:08.466 minutes
Archive Date 14/1/2018
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Track Pic   16 Cars and Pickups