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New Track : Catalonza GP 3 by Josh Scorpius
 Track Review :-
 This is based on the LS Monza track by La Scassatore but in reverse. The track colours are different as well but there is too much white
colour around the track. There are several bumps that will send your car up in the air easily so watch out. These tracks combine the old
and new tracks as well as the between track roads that are narrow and have a few sharp turns. The rest of the track is like the current
F1 track and uses the banked and long straight of the old Monza track. Overall these tracks are long but fun if you have a race with
lots of cars and pickups.

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  Track Name Authors Quick Review
Newest Catalonza GP 1 Josh Scorpius GP Track Monza RV style
2nd Catalonza GP 2 Josh Scorpius GP Track Monza RV style
3rd Catalonza GP 3 Josh Scorpius GP Track Monza RV style
4th Catalonza GP 4 Josh Scorpius GP Track Monza RV style
5th PumpKin Road 3 Josh Scorpius Short and fast
6th PumpKin Road 4 Josh Scorpius Longer and just as fast
7th Sweet California Josh Scorpius Tricky and fast
8th Pipe Tripe Gotolei and Saffron Fast,slow - and bidirectional !
9th Pipe Tripe (Online Edition) Gotolei and Saffron Fast,slow - and bidirectional !
10th Pumpkin Road 2 Josh Scorpius Not as good as the first but still fast and fun
  Track Info    
Track Name Catalonza GP 3 Timed Race Pic Below
Author Josh Scorpius Time Trial Pic 1:32.978 minutes
Length 1512m
Flow 83.92 %
Track Difficulty 3.44 %
Fast Lap Time 1:31.040 minutes
8 Lap Race Time 12:30.232 minutes
Archive Date 24-Mar-2019
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