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New Track : Blue Oasis by RafSTer
 Track Review :-
 This track is a little more difficult that Sultan and very similar in style.
 A fairly fast track track with lots of turns and jumps but little to
 strain yourself over. The gfx is ok with not much around the track to to distract you.
 Overall a fast track that could of been much better.

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  Track Name Authors Quick Review
Newest Bzh_Voilier Molene Lots of turns and hazards.
2nd Ghost Town Madness Remix Good version of the stock track.
3rd 0 Degrees Bak95 Fast track but parts are transparent.
4th Waterfall Mikrosx & Instant Too dark to race on.
5th Room Kipy Short fast and tricky.
6th Strix Warehouse 1 Strix Very hard track, easy to lose lots of time.
7th Lilas Molene Hard and tricky, learn well. Lots of crossovers.
8th Narrock Pass Kipy Fast`ish and narrow!! Very hard track.
9th The Great Giana Sisters Re-Yukk Needs finishiung as there is at least 1 bug.
10th Blue Oasis RafSTer Fast track with lots of turns, not difficult
  Track Info    
Track Name Blue Oasis Timed Race Pic Below
Author RafSTer  
Length 801m
Flow 86.69 %
Track Difficulty 1.67 %
Fast Lap Time 0:47.276 minutes
8 Lap Race Time 6:23.748 minutes
Archive Date 5/4/2017
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