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New Track : Narrock Pass by Kipy
 Track Review :-
 A very hard track to race on with a fast car such as Toyeca. The track is narrow with lots of edges of the slopes that will spin/flip your car. I advise
 drive slower and stay on the grey! You can loose lots of time very quickly and as the track is short it will seem like an eternaty compared to a
 better lap. There is a cross over and lots of pickups so a race with lots of cars with the pickups on may be very oily ! The gfx around the track are
 fine but you will not have time for sight seeing at all. Watch out for the rocks in the middle of the track and stay off walls unless you know where
 you can bounce off them. Overall a very hard and challenging track so take your time learning and drive a slower car round until you know it well!.

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  Track Name Authors Quick Review
Newest Room Kipy Short fast and tricky.
2nd Strix Warehouse 1 Strix Very hard track, easy to lose lots of time.
3rd Lilas Molene Hard and tricky, learn well. Lots of crossovers.
4th Narrock Pass Kipy Fast`ish and narrow!! Very hard track.
5th The Great Giana Sisters Re-Yukk Needs finishiung as there is at least 1 bug.
6th Blue Oasis RafSTer Fast track with lots of turns, not difficult
7th Sultan RafSTer Could of been better but a decent track.
8th Saco RafSTer Too long and too easy.
9th Scassland Vigani HQ Lo Scassatore & FBV-86 Smaooth and fast track,plus 2 others !!
10th Drift in the Hood flyboy Good first track from flyboy
  Track Info    
Track Name Narrock Pass Timed Race Pic Below
Author Kipy Time Trial Pic 0:21.252 minutes
Length 259m
Flow 48.78 1 %
Track Difficulty 3.27 %
Fast Lap Time 0:20.946 minutes
8 Lap Race Time 3:07.018 minutes
Archive Date 17-Apr-2017
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