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New Track : AMCO Bitume 24H by Lo Scassatore
 Track Review :-
  Very similar to the other Amco tracks but I think the best one. Its set at night but lit well and be careful not to go off the
 track too much as the repo is a bit harsh. Overall a good track.

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  Track Name Authors Quick Review
Newest Lowpoly Path Kipy Short fast and bumpy!
2nd Jupiter Biometal & GO_AWAY Long  with help from the Jovian gravity
3rd Balance Test Dave-o-rama Very short and similar to lego tracks
4th Abandoned Canyon Sky69 Good track but the small jumps are too harsh
5th Dirt Madness Sky69 Long race track with a couple of hills
6th Car Warehouse Sky69 Good warehouse track with a repo!
7th Toys in the hood 4 MirkoGT97 Good except for the entry to the tunnel.
8th Toytanic 3 MirkoGT97 Short, fast and tricky.
9th AMCO Bitume 24H Lo Scassatore Similar to the other Amco tracks, but good. 
10th Table GP Kipy Short, fast and slightly slippy track.
  Track Info    
Track Name AMCO Bitume 24H Timed Race Pic Below
Author Lo Scassatore Time Trial Pic 0:35.973 minutes
Length 529m
Flow 68.10 %
Track Difficulty 1.04  %
Fast Lap Time 0:35.993 minutes
8 Lap Race Time 4:50.561 minutes
Archive Date 12-Nov-2017
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