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New Track : Spaceship by javildesign
 Track Review :-
 Just listen to the sound effects before you race on this track as the sound is amazing. You start by being raised up on a lift to the start area which is
 a particularly good idea. Some of the doors are faulty and move a little so at first you think they will close fully. The sparks from the faulty electrical
 systems are all around the track and look great. There are small button panels around the track that have the buttons changing colours and a green
 screen monitor with flowing text on an old style crt display (remember them !). The racing is fast with a number of different routes and a set of
 tunnels to drive through as well which is also another route. The gfx is perfect all around and outside the track. Overall excellent!

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  Track Name Authors Quick Review
Newest Erim Road World (rodik Edit) rodik Many bugs in the track surface
2nd Toys in the Hood 1 (Chaos) rodik A more intresting Hood variant
3rd Pixel Toys in the Hood rodik A pixelated version of the stock track
4th Genghis Kastle Jan Ainnir Mayen Wow Amazing ! Excellent track.
5th Tetris Festival OhNej and ThePotatoHead A decnt fast race track.
6th Wabe Ring Tryxn Shiret and fast
7th urbanX javildesign Amazing track!
8th Spaceship javildesign Amazing track !
9th Cliff Mountain Trail javildesign A long race on a narrow ledge
10th Origin of Symmetry Jan Ainnir Mayen A flat race around a number of poles
  Track Info    
Track Name Spaceship Timed Race Pic Below
Authors javildesign Time Trial Pic 0:34.855 minutes
Length 512m
Flow 69.47 %
Track Difficulty 3.34 %
Fast Lap Time 0:34.447 minutes
8 Lap Race Time 4:43.633 minutes
Archive Date 5-Dec-2020
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