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New Track : Genghis Kastle by Jan Ainnir Mayen
 Track Review :-
This is a port from another game/console. But this is still has excellent gfx everywhere around this track with some great views of the track from
 some places. The castle itself looks amazing with lots of detail everywhere. The visuals are stunning and leave most of the top tracks looking bland.
 The racing itself is still good and fast with few slow parts but you will have to slow down in some areas. The racing has a good flow and speed which
 is good and has several objects to avoid and trip you up. Overall, this track ticks all the boxes for a great track but the only one issue is that it is a
 port from another console.

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10th Genghis Kastle Jan Ainnir Mayen Wow Amazing ! Excellent track.
  Track Info    
Track Name Genghis Kastle Timed Race Pic Below
Authors Jan Ainnir Mayen Time Trial Pic 0:41.465 minutes
Length 626m
Flow 71.62 %
Track Difficulty 4.09 %
Fast Lap Time 0:41.395 minutes
8 Lap Race Time 5:43.006 minutes
Archive Date 8-Dec-2020
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