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New Track : FEGP: Sherkston Shakedown by PseudoTriangle
 Track Review :-
 This is a race around a kitchen, bar, restaurant and games arcade that has had some damage to it. There is a large water leak and a lot of the tables
 have fallen over. It’s a fairly long track with lots of turns and jumps as you go around the track. It’s a bit tricky and some of the jumps you will need to
 keep your speed up as the next jump is very close by. Its not all on the floor as there are many raised areas and an external bumpy area to drive
 through as well. The gfx are ok and some look a bit basic, but we come for the driving and that is much better than the gfx.
 Overall a good track let down by the gfx.

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10th FEGP: Sherkston Shakedown PseudoTriangle Lost of turns, ramps and jumps.
  Track Info    
Track Name FEGP: Sherkston Shakedown Timed Race Pic Below
Authors PseudoTriangle Time Trial Pic 1:08.595 minutes
Length 869m
Flow 51.26 %
Track Difficulty 4.66 %
Fast Lap Time 1:08.622 minutes
8 Lap Race Time 9:31.345 minutes
Archive Date 15-Apr-2020
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