Missing Tracks
These tracks are known about but there are no track files at all. Some we have images
for and some we have no images and only text details.

If you have any of these tracks then email me/email RVZT/post details on one of the forums via RVZT.

Thx to KFP for informing me of some missing tracks listed below that were not on XTG

Here is the updated missing tracks list updated by KFP.


The above are listed on RVZT  (The ones with a red line through them I had and I have informed RVZT who has downloaded them from my website.

The tracks listed below I found images for them on an old website,     http://revolt77.homestead.com/   The author of the website and tracks( I assume ) is wow777333

Crossroads Hershey   Polka Dots Multicolor   Road Trip    
1059k 949k   856k     1.31mb    
Larger pic Larger pic   Larger pic Download   Larger pic  
Crossroads is a
different track to the
one(s) with a
      I have all of the files for Multicolor but one of them is damaged and so the track archive is incomplete.   I have now recreated
the gfx for this track.
i don`t think I got the
tunnel right tho.
This image was found on ReVolt Racing
(by Olivers)  Link
The below image is
used for an Update
Trackman by Manu Bamboo Valley   Toys in the Street Night   Road in Space 3 Lego Heavy Trafic
    Not 100% sure of track
name as the above pic
is from the Jungle
Startup zip file
  Pic 1  Pic 2   by Nero The track in the above pic for Heavy Traffic is not from the track. I have not idea which track it came from. The tracks released at that time do not have any part that looks like this.
        by Dennis12        
  Strixs Warehouse              

Tubeway. This is mentioned in the readme file for a track by Mixermaster. Approx date of track 3/12/2011