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New Track : Golden Mountains & The City 9 by Josh Scorpius
 Track Review :-
  Based on a single track area and adjusted for tjios and othe tracks.

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  Track Name Authors Quick Review
Newest MKDS - Airship Fortress Alex_int Short, fast and easy to learn
2nd Spa-Volt 1 Kiw y Gvalch'ca Hard and fast track, amazing gfx
3rd Red Rock Valley Saffron Very good track and better with faster cars.
4th Ranch Marv & r6te One of the Best. Long and dusty with lots of turns.
5th Golden Mountains & The City 12 Josh Scorpius Short and fast track
6th Golden Mountains & The City 11 Josh Scorpius Longer and fast
7th Golden Mountains & The City 10 Josh Scorpius MId length and fast
8th Golden Mountains & The City 9 Josh Scorpius Short and trcky
9th Golden Mountains & The City 8 Josh Scorpius MId length and fast
10th Golden Mountains & The City 7 Josh Scorpius MId length and fast
  Track Info    
Track Name Golden Mountains & The City 9 Timed Race Pic Below
Author Josh Scorpius Time Trial Pic 0:11.419 minutes
Length 168m
Flow 69.74 %
Track Difficulty 6.20 %
Fast Lap Time 0:11.278 minutes
8 Lap Race Time 1:35.122 minutes
Archive Date 15-Aug-2018
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Track Pic   16 Cars and Pickups
    Time Trial Lap